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  • Ben Powers, A Review

    I received a DUI in October of last year, a situation I never thought I would find myself in. To say that I panicked is quite the understatement; how on earth was I going to handle this business when I had no knowledge - at all? A friend suggested that I contact the Collins Law Firm; I did; I spoke to Ben. And my case was not your typical case; I was not the typical client. I met with Ben soon after our phone call to go over the details. First impressions are exceedingly important to me and generally permanent. I was met with a proper handshake; I was met with no judgment; I was met with respect, ready ears, and an open mind - all quite new to this eccentric. Ben took my case. From our very first meeting, he was taking notes, providing information about the process I was due to undergo, and I walked out of that office feeling that I would not, in fact, drown. Ben inspired immediate calm - I think it may be one of his super powers. So we moved forward. I did not have to wait days for a phone call; I had left Ben at the office that first afternoon already going above and beyond with research and making phone calls for additional information regarding my unique circumstances - so that he could UNDERSTAND and therefore represent me in the absolute best manner possible. And he did. Ben was at every court date, early. He made sure that he came back to the pews and filled me in on what was going on, knowing that I was ten buckets of anxious. I watched him interact with the other lawyers, the defense attorney, and the rest of the courtroom staff easily and the more I watched him do so, the more grounded I felt. Ben IS grounding - he inspired confidence in me from day one. Take my word - if you are to ever find yourself in my situation, Ben is the person who will keep you from going crazy. And it's not an act. He walks through your entire case with you, presents all possibilities, all options, puts you at ease, keeps your brain from whipping up jail/prison scenarios, keeps you INFORMED, educates you as to the system, how it works, what to expect; he makes you knowledgeable, and when you're in a courtroom having done something wrong, sitting ignorant, panicked - knowledge is POWER, folks. My sentencing hearing was scheduled and I was so very ready to get it over with. But a few hours before I was due in court, I experienced a series of seizures. I called Ben - who, not surprisingly, had done research on my type of epilepsy the first day I met with him - and he represented me even in my absence, making the court understand my predicament, and rescheduled. I could recover without thoughts of policemen at my door, come to collect me. Magic. My final court date came around and Ben had worked hard to get all of the facts, to get the best possible outcome for me. Again - he did. And to top it all, when the judge was giving the orders for community service, Ben intervened and ensured that my service was something I could do physically without increasing my chances for seizure activity. Awesome? Yes. Probation has not been easy. I travel for work, I broke both of my legs, I have a probation officer who is difficult and non-existent - but Ben has continued to answer my phone calls, continued to call me back, answer my questions, quell my frustrations, and pass along information that keeps me going and in line with what I am supposed to be doing. You would think his job would be over once he represented me in court, but remember that I mentioned Ben's above and beyond factor? Apparently, it is a permanent quality, and it is most assuredly one that you want. I cannot say enough about Ben - there is a character limit! But I will say this: you want a lawyer? A REAL lawyer and not a snake? A lawyer that really IS behind YOU? Do you want that amazing above and beyond? You want Ben.

  • Passionate, friendly, caring-willing to go the extra mile for you!

    I recently received the help of The Collins Law firm and it was a great experience. He is passionate about what he does and he cares about you and your case no matter what it is. He is willing to go the extra mile and do whatever he can to help you. I was 100% satisfied with my experience here. Thank you for everything. It's nice to know that there are still a few people out there that care about others no matter what has happened in their life.

    Brentwood, TN

  • He will fight for his clients! I highly recommend him.

    I recommend Grover Collins. Grover was an outstanding person to have on my side while going through my first DUI. I wasn't sure what to expect and he made me feel so much better after my first meeting with him. The waiting period is really tough during a DUI and Grover continually followed up with me. I knew he was doing everything in his power for a positive outcome, which is exactly what I got. My blood level was high and he was able to spare me multiple first time penalties. He will fight for his clients! I highly recommend him.

    Nashville, TN

  • As a result of the interaction and guidance received, I strongly recommend the Collins Law Firm.

    Grover Collins has successfully delivered me through legal matters specific to rental property as well as personal affairs. Grover is very responsive, communicative, thorough, and knowledgeable. He has God-given abilities to interpret and reiterate the intricacies of law in a way the common man can understand. Trust is the ultimate factor when selecting legal counsel. Grover will earn your trust based upon his education, experiences, and his ultimate focus on YOU. As a result of the interaction and guidance received, I strongly recommend the Collins Law Firm.

    Nashville, TN

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